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Canada Goose Parka Midoriya is autistic ok I don make the rules. His special interest is hero and quirks, he hyperfocus and infodump about this for H O canada goose outlet in chicago U R S. This kid absentmindedly infodumping in a never ending cascade of mumbling. Tiny Izuku rocking back and forth HARDCORE waiting for momma to boot up The Video, which he can recite from memory it was the only thing he quote for w e e k s the echolalia was Strong Canada Goose Parka

Iida is also autistic, non negotiable, this is Fact. Boy has no volume control, he gotta have routine and rules or else its!!!!!!!!!. black and white morals/worldview for days. His hands stim. Scripts a lot because canada goose jacket outlet sale he will make All The Friends and this is How You People right

buy canada goose jacket cheap These two boys are both chasing so so hard after a legacy, trying to live up to and be worthy of those who came before them and both have to deal with the fall of their hero, face the fact that Their Hero isn won be able to do Hero ing and it up to them to take up where they left off, I mean you gUYS buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose clearance How can you not?? Love these two besties????? They and Ochako make up the Trifecta. The Golden Trio. The Original Flavor Squad. They admire and inspire each other and support each otherrrrrr canada goose clearance

Canada Goose Outlet BONUS ROUND: ENTER THIRD BOI STAGE LEFT pursued by endeavor. THIS boy trying to RUN from HIS legacy. trying to. shall we say. bend canada goose outlet ontario fate????? Like a certain other kid with a hero dad yes??? canada goose outlet new york city I don need to go into this everyone and their moms heard of tododeku and its a Good Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose Jackets Todoiideku is the Legacy Trifecta. the Fate Trio. stain arc is a gift and it Opened My EYes to iida and midoriyas fukigns. good vibes. why canada goose outlet orlando no one talking about these two, and three, these lovely lovely canada goose outlet ottawa boys out to grab destiny and make it their bitch Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose store unrelated: present mic is also autistic but more importantly both he and bakugou have some degree of hearing loss, that a whole other story. canada canada goose outlet in uk goose store

canada goose canada goose outlet online reviews coats on sale Was repeatedly brutalized and whipped from the age of eight and onwards, taught that the only way to survive was to fight and win against others. canada goose coats on sale

cheap Canada Goose Had his parents brutally murdered by his best friend and his family (and still tries to stop his own father from returning the favor to said best friend) cheap Canada Goose

canadian goose jacket Inherited a title and canada goose jacket uk court known for its cruelty and malice, despised and feared by the rest of the kingdom, where his own court Capital and nobility would view him canada goose outlet hong kong as weak if he tried to show kindness or mercy canadian goose jacket

canada goose Was repeatedly, systematically, and mercilessly raped for fifty years after being robbed of all of his powers canada goose

Canada Goose online Watches the love of his life die before his eyes, and then later has canada goose outlet website legit to watch her endure emotional and physical abuse at the hands of Tamlin Canada Goose online


Canada Goose sale Spends his entire life fighting to destroy racism and unite all species in equality, from lesser fae to humans to high fae. Canada Goose sale

canada goose black friday sale Tries his damned hardest to be a feminist, despite canada goose outlet toronto address growing up in a culture where canada goose outlet you KNOW feminist critique and writing either wouldn exist or would definitely be censored/unpublished and probably considered treason given this whole Lords Only club. Ensured women were a part of his group of advisers to try and learn from own voices canada goose outlet authentic on how to be better than society teaches him to be, and made sure that should he ever fall, power should fall to them, not other men. canada goose black friday sale

Uses violence as a means to justify the ends (see Feyre arm breaking, resolving conflict through battle and war, fighting Cassian to release his post mating aggression) because he canada goose factory outlet vancouver was raised to believe violence was an everyday part of life and a key element of learning and self imrpovement. Is still able to recognise that these acts were goose outlet canada not ideal and apologizes for them (to Feyre) as he did to Cassian and Azriel, who, through he way in which Illyrian conditioning works, he was first set up to antagonize and fight.

Despite his canada goose outlet online best friend getting his family killed, abusing his mate, aiding in the mass genocide of racial prejudice, he still tries to settle the discord with canada goose outlet woodbury him without violence and tries to be the better person, be it for morality canada goose outlet online store sake or for the sake of others and the kingdom.

canada goose deals Finds his own way to exploit the reputation he inherits, preforming as an evil dictator whilst all of his actions are used to help people and try and protect those the system he was born into oppresses and abuses, even if he cannot change it all at once and still struggles at times to identify what is right and what is wrong, and to learn what helps, what doesn and what problems exist with his current attempts to be better. Eventually gives up his persona canada goose outlet edmonton when his mate shows him that it is okay and that together they will be strong enough to deal with the backlash and STILL protect the people they care for and have a duty of care to. canada goose deals

canada goose coats Has dedicated his own library to victims of rape and abuse, is infinitely careful around his mate who suffered similar issues, and despite never really getting to talk about or reconcile with the hell of sexual abuse, manipulation, and psychological torture he was put through, canada goose outlet factory he still makes himself keep his shit together and stay sane and as compassionate as possible for what he believes in, to the point where the only time his pain is allowed to be expressed is when he asleep at night and literally cannot control the nightmares that haunt him canada goose coats

canada goose clearance sale Protects his mate and those he loves to the point of being destructively self sacrificing because he has lost them time and time and time again, but still tries to acknowledge this and let them have their choice, do what they feel they need to do, and not freak out at them when they act on their own accord and endanger themselves because he knows they have freewill and that is their right even when it scares him the fuck to death and probably induces so many flashbacks of all the times he has lost everyone he ever loved canada goose outlet new york canada goose clearance sale.